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This is a private (& completely non-commercial) site dedicated to research about the history of popular music. At the moment I am mostly interested in writing song histories. Please see also my blog Humming A Diff’rent Tune that  contains some more of my works.  I am a folklorist (M.A, University of Bonn 1991).  Please feel free to write critical comments.

Jürgen Kloss

Please note:

  • All song lyrics on these pages are used for the purpose of study, review and critical analysis.
  • Sound recordings used here are to my knowledge in the public domain. If this is not the case please let me know and I will delete anything that is still under copyright restrictions.
  • All links are given as they are.  I can not take any responsibility for the content of any linked website.

My Email: info@justanothertune.com


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